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I help adults 55+ get healthy and fit using my simple 3 step process called the Functional Aging Formula. 
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Praise From Other Experts
 Who is your primary care provider? You are! If you want to extract joy, meaning, and purpose out of your life until the very end, this is your playbook. Nobody knows more about extending your health span and maintaining your independence than Dr. Cody Sipe.

Marc Middleton
CEO, Growing Bolder
7-times Masters Swimming world record holder
Emmy-award winning broadcaster

Through his education and programming, Dr. Cody Sipe has helped thousands of older adults stay strong and fit. Dr. Sipe delivers programming in a way that is fun, achievable, and most importantly, effective at supporting movement longevity.

Emily Splichal, DPM
Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist
Global Leader in Barefoot Science and Rehabilitation

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